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Germany: Impressive CDU victory in the Saarland
Who is afraid of populists?
Zusammenfassung: With developments in the UK and the US, populism was a key theme in 2016. But does the perception of 2016 as “the year of the populists” really fit for Europe? A closer look suggests that while populism was an omnipresent theme in public discourse, support for populist parties in polls rather remained stable and elections did not translate into outright populist wins. The rise of populist parties has however been a multi-year trend. Populists can affect national politics in various ways. One possible effect is that forming a government (coalition) often gets more complicated and time-consuming and results in more fragile governments. Another is populists’ potential impact on policy discussions’ style and content. Pursuing policies with long-term benefits but which are often not instantly popular becomes more difficult ‒ both at the national and the European level.
Themen: Brexit; Europäische Fragen; Europäische Integration; Europapolitik; Politik und Wahlen; Wirtschaftspolitik
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Unemployment benefit Q and the elusive quest for social justice
Zusammenfassung: Time to enhance (social) justice is the election campaign slogan of the SPD and its leadership candidate, Martin Schulz. To bring this slogan to life the chancellor candidate and the Federal Minister for Labour, Andrea Nahles, recently presented plans for specific labour market policy measures. The duo is proposing that the existing unemployment benefit be extended to include an additional component and that the eligibility criteria be relaxed. The idea of the new benefit Q (for qualification) is to grant registered recipients the right to participate in qualification programmes. It could double the benefit period – for younger jobseekers from one to two years and for those aged 58 and above from two to four years.
Themen: Arbeitsmarktpolitik; Politik und Wahlen; Sozialpolitik
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German election campaign: Close contest dominated by myopic debates
Zusammenfassung: The campaign for the German federal election on September 24 has speeded up. Since Mr. Schulz’ nomination the SPD seems to experience a new heyday. The party was able to nearly completely reduce the then huge backlog in the popularity ratings, i.e. from about 15pps to about 2pps at present.
Themen: Deutschland
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Arbeitslosengeld Q und die Krux mit der Gerechtigkeit
Zusammenfassung: „Zeit für mehr Gerechtigkeit“ heißt das Schlagwort, mit dem die SPD und ihr Spitzenkandidat Martin Schulz in den Wahlkampf ziehen. Für die Arbeitsmarktpolitik präsentierten der Kanzlerkandidat und Bundesarbeitsministerin Nahles kürzlich erste konkrete Pläne dazu. Sie wollen das Arbeitslosengeld I um eine neue Komponente erweitern sowie den Zugang zu den Lohnersatzleistungen erleichtern. Mit dem neuen Arbeitslosengeld Q sollen Bezieher/innen von Arbeitslosengeld I einen Rechtsanspruch auf Qualifizierung erhalten. Damit kann sich für jüngere Berechtigte die Bezugsdauer um bis zu 12 Monate und für ältere ab 58 sogar um 24 Monate auf zwei bzw. sogar vier Jahre verdoppeln. Um das Arbeitslosengeld für Personen mit unstetiger Erwerbstätigkeit besser zugänglich zu machen, soll zudem die so genannte Rahmenfrist verlängert werden. Unter 50-jährige Antragsteller, zum Beispiel, könnten demzufolge die erforderliche Mindestbeitragszeit von (in ihrem Fall) 12 Monaten innerhalb von drei statt bislang zwei Jahren vor Antragstellung erwerben.
Themen: Arbeitsmarktpolitik; Politik und Wahlen; Sozialpolitik
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Germany: CDU & CSU team up to clip Schulz' rise
Zusammenfassung: At a meeting in Munich, the executive committees of the CDU and the CSU have largely demonstrated unanimity and the willingness to close the ranks behind Chancellor Merkel in the imminent election campaign after months of tension over Merkel’s refugee policy. The meeting is meant as the start signal of a joint campaign which aims at keeping Chancellor Merkel in office and preventing a “left republic”, the term the CSU uses to describe a coalition among the SPD, the Left and the Greens. As an anchor for a common campaign a joint election platform shall be launched. The platform is likely to focus on external and internal security, (income) tax reductions, support for families, prosperity and jobs and European policy. The Bavarian CSU, however, will stick to its demand for an upper limit on migration of 200,000 p.a. as a major element of its own complementary platform for Bavaria, weakening the signal of unanimity at a time when the SPD is surging in polls.
Themen: Europäische Fragen
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Focus Germany: New SPD frontrunner unlikely to defeat Merkel
Zusammenfassung: 2016 GDP growth picked up further relative to the previous two years (1.9% vs. 1.7%). Growth was strongly tilted towards consumption thanks to several tailwinds (refugee crisis, low inflation, labour market strength), while slowing exports weighed on private equipment investment: With several tailwinds fading and a strong workday effect weighing, GDP growth looks set to slow to 1.1% in 2017. Recent sentiment indicators herald some upside risks for the current quarter. However, the 2.3 point drop in the expectations component of the January ifo index seems to corroborate our more cautious stance. In an unexpected turn, SPD party leader Gabriel announced that he would not run against Angela Merkel. Instead Martin Schulz, the former president of the European Parliament, will be the party’s frontrunner. Mr. Schulz’s unexpected nomination is likely to push the SPD’s campaign for the federal election on September 24 but unlikely to derail Merkel.
Themen: Deutschland; Europäische Fragen; Europapolitik; Globalisierung; Intern. Beziehungen; Konjunktur; Makroökonomie; Politik und Wahlen; Preise, Inflation
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Germany: Martin Schulz likely to help SPD, but unlikely to derail Merkel
Zusammenfassung: In an unexpected turn, Sigmar Gabriel the head of the SPD has decided not to run against Angela Merkel. Martin Schulz the former president of the European Parliament (EP) is now reported to run as the party’s candidate for chancellorship.
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